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About the Hope Deck

A little backstory on how this product came to be!

Us at Yellowstone Lower Falls this summer – gorgeous!

The Hope Deck actually began not as the ‘Hope Deck’, but as a thank you gift I designed for precious friends who walked alongside me and my girls during a time of deep suffering. 

My wrestling with God began to look like a WWF match.

The amazing thing about being in a place of despair is when blessings come around, it’s like giving a starving cat a can of wet food. You devour and delight in those moments! We soaked in every way God showed his care for us… and rejoiced.

I tell this story with a bit of humor today. There is still sadness, but some time has passed. Some healing has taken place. There’s been an experience of God’s care that is engrained within each of us. Hope has been stirred in our story, and I ‘hope’ it will be in yours too!

Jen Gordon
Hope Deck Designer