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by | Sep 2, 2017

So Kevin…

For those of you familiar with the Westside of Atlanta, I’ll use road names so you can picture where the story about Kevin took place.

It’s cold. I have on my fluffy blue jacket. Just dropped a package at the UPS store. Heading home. Normal. Boring. Day.

Driving down Collier Road, away from Fellini’s, heading down the hill and sitting under the dark highway overpass, I’m waiting for oncoming traffic to clear. Foggy headed from a cold, I wait in a daze.

Suddenly I hear a sound that jars me from a daze – to panic.

There’s barely time to brace for impact when I see the speeding, screeching pickup truck behind me swerve, jump the curb to the right of me and continue barreling down the road, still zig zagging and trying to regain control.

In shock and heart pounding, I wait for the oncoming traffic to clear and pull into the neighborhood. Hit at that speed… into oncoming traffic… my mind quickly files through all of the devastating possibilities. I’d been rescued. I stop the car to calm down and thank God for letting me live another day.

I put my hand on my racing heart and then realize… I forgot to buckle my seatbelt.

Another wave of panic and relief rolls over me as I pray with even more gratitude. Hit at that speed… into oncoming traffic… with no seatbelt on… I’m tearily praying when I hear ‘angel’ and ask God “Lord who was that angel back there?!?!”

He replied… “Kevin”.

LOL. Love it. Kevin?!? At this point I’m laughing, crying and literally out of my mind with prayers of gratitude.

Later the same day, I drive back to the spot where the truck swerved around me. It made no sense how he managed it. There are two giant concrete pillars and a fire hydrant on the sidewalk he barreled down that he should have hit… but he didn’t.

Now when me and the girls pray we thank the Lord for his angels and especially – for Kevin.

A quick update on Hope Deck “work”: In the past 3 weeks a LOT has happened! I got a wonderful response from my boss Ryan. One thing to know is I work for a company created by entrepreneurs, for entrepreneurs. I get a little teary reflecting on our conversation where he told me “Jen we both know you’re an entrepreneur, you gotta give this your all – 110%”. He’s not thrilled about finding a replacement for me, but was so encouraging for me to “jump”.

The first week in September is my last at YEC, and the following week is my first working full time on the Hope Deck. Lord help my parachute open! 🙂

One last nugget: There is a link at the top of this email that you may have missed. I’m running a limited time, special offer on the Hope Deck (2 for $24 – basically wholesale pricing) to raise awareness for a Kickstarter campaign that goes live Sept 5th. This Kickstarter will help fund the next printing of the Hope Deck!

Click here and you’ll secure your 2 for $24 deal. Then, if you feel so inclined, share the deal with friends. My goal is to get 500 people to express interest in the deal before the Kickstarter goes live on Sept 5th. Right now I have 19. LOL. Thanks in advance for sharing! Hugs, jen 🙂

Angel Image Credit: WQAD News