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Your audience will love the Mother’s Day Bundle

It a done-for-you gift that makes loving on your Jesus-loving mom super easy and fun!

Over $99 worth of products for just $49!


2 Hope Decks ($46 value)
1 Wooden stand ($6 value)
3 Mini Posters ($36 value)
10 Envelopes ($5 value)
Packaging/gift box ($7 value)

Free shipping ends April 23rd.

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Frequently Asked Questions:

When do I get paid? Paypal deposits are made on the 15th of each month for the prior month’s sales. So any sales accrued in the month of April are paid on May 15th.

How do I get paid? Deposits are made via Paypal. No transfer fees are incurred by you as an affiliate.

Who gets credit when others are promoting? Our system tracks based on the last click recorded before the sale. So if someone clicks on two different affiliate links, the affiliate who got the last click earns the commission.

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  1. If you haven’t already, sign up for an affiliate account
  2. Be sure to enter your Paypal email address, payments are made on the 15th of each month for the prior months sales
  3. Once you’ve signed up for an affiliate account, login here
  4. After you login, click on “Link Generator” in the left navigation
  5. Beside “Mother’s Day Affiliate Bundle” you’ll see your tracking link in the “My Tracking Link” column. It should look like this:
    1. https://xm413.isrefer.com/go/mdbundle/yourUsername/
    2. yourUsername” is substituted with your actual username
  6. Your affiliate link sends traffic to this landing page: https://jengordon.com/mothers-day-bundle/ that we are constantly monitoring to increase conversion rates.
Email Sequences
  1. Customize the sample emails in the Google Doc below to fit your voice and audience
  2. Insert your affiliate shortlink into the “get the bundle” call to action links so your sales are tracked properly

Click here to get the email sequences. (Google Doc)

Promotional Images & Video

Download these promotional images to use in your emails, blog posts and social media

Click here to get the promotional images (Dropbox)

You can also share this compilation video of reviews here: https://youtu.be/KDTecyhuI8I

Write a Blog Post

The most successful affiliates get the best response rates by introducing the Hope Deck through a blog post. It’s always worth an hour or so to write up some of the ways the Hope Deck has blessed you, your family or maybe strangers you’ve shared the cards with! Here are some examples of blog posts that have performed well in the past:

Set up Your Calendar
  1. Once you have your emails customized for your audience, decide on the timing/dates of each email release
  2. Coordinate the release of your emails with any accompanying blog posts and/or social media

Here’s a recommended email/posting schedule along with important deadlines:

  • April 9 – 27 – Write blog post, social media posts and send emails to your people announcing the giveaway (see swipe file)
  • April 30 – last day for free shipping
  • May 7 – last day to order for Mother’s Day on-time arrival
Launch and Monitor Results

Once you’ve released the campaign to your audience, keep an eye on social media or email for questions. Please contact us with any questions you’re unsure of how to answer! During or after the campaign you can monitor your results by:

  1. Logging into your affiliate admin here
  2. Click on “My Ledger” and select the date range of your promotion
  3. Here you will see commissions generated from your audience!