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by | May 14, 2018


My mom said this made up word to me every day for 18 years.

Each evening before bedtime, without fail, my mom would tuck me in (or as I got older, yell from downstairs! lol) “Ninigobleshew I love you!”

This made up word was clearly a term of endearment, so at some point my sister and I started repeating the word back to my mom, also followed by “I love you!”

Year after year my belief that my mom made up a super special bedtime word only grew stronger.

As much sense as this line of thinking makes, I was wrong.

At 25 years old it finally dawned on me what my mom was actually saying… a globbed together version of these five words:

Nite nite, God bless you!

I promise, she ran the words together in a way that made it sound like one (very special) word. So you don’t think I’m crazy I had her say it so you can judge for yourself:

After this revelation, during a trip to Puerto Rico, I better understood why that string of words sounded the way it did. My sweet Aunt Baby Luciano, upon hearing a wish for blessings, crosses her arms over her heart like Wonder Woman and says “Gowilling”. Which I immediately understood as “God Willing”.

I’m very fortunate. I enjoy my mom so much, and I know that’s a real gift. We’ve had massive conflict and come back from it. Another huge blessing. I’m so grateful.

Lord this day meant to celebrate can be filled with such grief and sorrow for so many, and for so many reasons. Please bless and surround the those of us with broken hearts. Amen.


jen <3

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