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Women’s History Month 2018

by | Mar 1, 2018

Image source: Smithsonian Magazine

When I looked at what events and holidays I wanted to design for this year, Women’s History Month screamed at me from the calendar. Yes, you shall be acknowledged with beautiful art, Women’s History Month. Yes you shall.

In the Hope Deck, I included one WPAP portrait of Dolly Parton, and decided to do a NEW deck of 30 more illustrations dedicated solely to Women of Influence in our history, from all over the world.

I love WPAP pop art illustration style, using vibrant colors and bringing life to old black and white photographs. I wanted the illustrations to express the same boldness, the same vibrancy, the same aliveness I’m seeing in women’s voices today. The colors needed to be strong and soft, the shapes needed to be edgy and bold, but form a warm, intelligent, fearless face.

When I did the research for each woman a common theme arose. Regardless of their faith background, each exhibited great passion and love for humanity. Not just for women and women’s rights, but for all, calling both men and women into their potential. I love that. Being called into my potential through God’s spirit within me – yes please! God’s will setting limits instead of me? Yep I’ll take that. 🙂

Each day this month I’ll be releasing a mobile phone wallpaper of each illustration. If you wanna dose of wisdom from these ladies, I’ve spent hours pouring over quotes that I hope will get you thinking about what God is doing in the place he’s planted you. For me, I’m wondering with an open heart of curiosity ‘what is God doing through me for the benefit of my family’s history, my friend group, church or community’s history?’

If anyone is interested in purchasing the full deck, you can participate in the pre-sale and get the deck for $19.99. The decks will be printed and delivered the first week of April. Just sign up below and you’re all set!

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